Welcome to the Winter's Grace Guidance Center Secure Client Area


You've found your way to our interactive communication site. This client portal is where we can stay in touch through email, chat and video sessions, journaling and sharing of forms and documents. I'm glad you are here as a client and participant of Winter's Grace Guidance Center's programs.

Are you struggling with grief and bereavement? Are you having a hard time believing in yourself, suffering from lack of confidence or unsure of what your dreams are and how to make them come true? Or perhaps you and your child are experiencing conflict and would love to have a win win solution? Solutions and Support can be found right here, through Winter's Grace Guidance Center.

Counseling and education services are delivered with compassion, helpfulness and belief in your ability to know yourself best. Together we can explore and build upon your natural strengths and goodness. I'll help you find and understand your stumbling blocks and discover appropriate outlets for feelings and behaviors.

I'll be available to help you navigate this interactive communication site so we can stay in touch and share the best connected relationship we can. Let's get started by logging in, registering, reading the overview documents and completing the initial forms.

I can't wait to get my first email from you or request to chat!


Sandra Kerns, MEd., MSW, LCSW
Equine Facilitated Wellness Mental Health, Learning and Equine Professional